Megan Cotrell, Treasurer

Megan Cotrell originally joined our Mid-Florida Chapter as a Graduate student and volunteer. In 2019 she earned her Master of Science in Administration from the University of West Florida, with a specialization in Acquisition and Contract Administration.

Megan was born and raised in Ohio where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and began her career in suicide crisis and prevention education. After relocating to Central Florida in 2015, she continued to provide mental health support remotely in response to an awarded SAMHSA grant. Megan's interest in contract administration began during that time, where she provided data management for several grant-funded projects. Since relocating, Megan has continued to support community work through opportunities with AmeriCorps and Orange County Government.

Currently, Megan is the Corporate Training Specialist at Wharton-Smith, Inc. where she works with construction professionals to design and implement training programs integral to contract administration and project management. Megan has been in the learning and development field for ten years and is excited about the opportunity to infuse that knowledge into the field of contract administration.