Sara Cunnard, Chapter Secretary

Sara has been with our Mid-Florida Chapter since 2016 as Employment Chair, keeping Central Florida aware of the openings in our contracts industry around town.

Sara has been with Raytheon Global Training Solutions as a Sr. Contracts Negotiator for three years. Before joining the defense contracting workforce, she worked in Direct International Contracts for Siemens Energy for four years. Prior to that she was a litigator in private practice. Sara is a practicing attorney licensed in Florida, and also collects other licenses as a hobby, such as a PMP, CPCM, County Court Mediator, and Florida Real Estate Sales Associate.

Sara volunteers with Orange County politics, runs a local farmers market, and enjoys being outdoors and in the water. You can also often find her attempting to garden, at any local music festival, and at the theme parks.

LinkedIn: Sara Cunnard